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About Us

OLMSTEAD PRODUCTS is a division of the CONGRESS OF DISABLED PERSONS AGAINST EXPLOITATION and was founded in 1983 by Herbert Hoffman and other persons with disabilities. Since Herbert was born a victim of a severe case of Cerebral Palsy, and needed daily care since birth just to live as a normal life as possible, he became keenly aware of the need for laws to ensure all persons with disabilities have human rights and an equal chance at education, employment, and accessible / affordable housing for persons with disabilities and elderly persons. They fight for independence and human rights for all disabilities. Herbert and his friends helped pass the ADA and Olmstead laws, which aid persons to live where they choose with dignity. Caregivers and Personal Assistants aid persons with disabilities and elderly persons with their daily tasks. To learn more about the Olmstead Act please visit Olmstead Network

The purpose of this online store is to provide specialized adaptive products that will aid persons with limited mobility to live independently with dignity. Each product was picked by a group of disabled persons who tests each product for their usefulness.

When new products are developed, they are tested by several trained persons with disabilities. If the products are passed by three of our Olmstead Network start, the products are displayed in our online store under the category Olmstead Tested Products. We also inform insurance companies and Medicare of our findings and advocate for their inclusion.

We offer free consulting for all our products.

Our trained staff will help you pick the right products for your needs.